Meet the essential oils...

We only use the finest, organic essential oils and absolutes to scent our candles.

We never, ever use synthetic fragrance oils.

Burn your candle for at least 1-2 hours to benefit from their aroma-therapeutic properties.

Please allow us to introduce our wonderful oils...



BERGAMOT: If sunshine was an essential oil it would be Bergamot! A fresh, green citrusy scent, Bergamot is revered for its anti-depressant properties. Commonly known as "the happy oil".

CARDAMON: Hippocrates was a fan of Cardamon and it's not surprising. A marvellous oil, warming, comforting, enlivening and renowned for its aphrodisiac properties. The antithesis of dull!

CINNAMON: Similar actions to cardamom but with a sweeter scent. 

CEDARWOOD: A fresh, woody scent, soothing to the respiratory tract and emotionally grounding.

ROMAN CHAMOMILE: This herb has been used extensively for hundreds of years as a calming remedy. Deeply relaxing, soothing and soporific.

FRAGONIA: Native to Australia, we think wild Fragonia is a bit of a wonder oil. It has properties similar to tea tree in terms of its effective antibacterial action, but with a  pleasant scent. Purifying to the air, (and great when colds are about too!). From an emotional point of view, there is a belief that it helps people clear negativity and mental blockages. It is also said to alleviate jet lag.

FRANKINCENSE: Helps to de-clutter and focus the mind, has the ability to slow down and deepen breath, great  if you're suffering from nervous tension.

GERANIUM: A sweet, green, floral scent which has a balancing effect on the mind and body. Has an affinity with the hormonal system, therefore a great choice during certain times of the month.

GINGER: Warming and uplifting. Subtly spicy. Settling to the digestive system and a tonic to the nerves. 

GRAPEFRUIT: Like other citruses, uplifting and refreshing.

JASMINE: An evocatively sweet floral scent that reminds us of summer nights. Stress busting, aphrodisiac and a tonic to the nervous system.

KATAFRAY: A native tree to Madagascar with a green, mossy scent. Fortifying, restorative and soothing. 

LAVENDER: A tonic for the nervous system, well known for it's relaxing properties and scent. Calming, soothing and balancing. Antibacterial and antiviral properties too; no wonder it's popular!

LEMON: Uplifting, fresh and purifying with immune boosting properties.

LEMONGRASS: A fresh, grassy citrus scent, an uplifting tonic to the nervous system that combats nervous exhaustion.

LIME: A wonderfully fragrant zesty & uplifting oil which really gets your juices flowing! Has immune boosting properties and acts as tonic to the respiratory system.

MANDARIN: A deliciously sweet, floral-citrus fragrance that blends well with many oils and like citrus it's great for nervous tension.

MAY CHANG: An uplifting citrusy scent, known as "the oil of tranquility". Calming and strengthening to the emotions. Great for anxiety or if you find it difficult to unwind.

PALMAROSA: A floral, rosy like scent of benefit to stress related conditions, nervous exhaustion and stress.

PATCHOULI: Exotic, musky and sensuous. Helps reduce tension and anxiety. Aphrodisiac.

ROSE: An exquisite scent for expensive tastes! The Queen of florals. Feminine, beautifying and complements other oils well.

ROSE GERANIUM: Similar properties to Geranium but, as the name suggests, has a slightly rosier note.

ROSEMARY: Sharpens the mind, improves concentration and memory. (We all need a bit of that at times!) A circulatory tonic and a gentle stimulant. Brilliant for that "stuck in a rut" feeling.

SWEET ORANGE: A joyful, uplifting oil, which instills a sense of playfulness. Helps you to "switch off" and relax.

VANILLA: a sumptuous, warm, comforting scent. Wonderful to use in small amounts in blends to impart a subtle sweetness.

VETIVER: Rich, grounding, soothing, evocative. Imparts a wonderful earthy quality to a blend.  

YLANG YLANG: A sweet, heady, exotic floral scent.  De-stresser and aphrodisiac.