Decisions decisions....Which candle should I choose for Mother's Day? March 17 2014

This week we've been asked if we can recommend candles that mums/mother-in laws would like.

So we have chosen a few that we think would make the ideal mother's day gift!

...and these 3 also happen to be the ones our own mums regularly request: ;-)


First up is  Lavender & Geranium

Lavender essential oil, "could be called the mother, or grandmother of essential oils, able to care for a multitude of physical & psychological problems, and like a mother, accomplishing several jobs at the same time!"** Sounds good eh? Relaxing & soothing in action this oil really helps you to unwind.

The geranium in the blend adds a gentle floral note and this particular essential oil is fantastic for those people that sometimes feel a bit up and down, at times emotional and in need of a hug! If geranium was a person, they would put the kettle on, give you a biscuit and say "tell me ALL about it..." :-)

This candle also contains a hint of vanilla which rounds off the blend with a soft, comforting note. Lovely, (even if we do say so ourselves!) 

You can buy it here: 


Next is our Bergamot & Geranium

Bergamot essential oil promotes happiness, brings joy and generally lifts your mood. It is revered for its antidepressant properties too. We would describe the scent of bergamot as a fresh, green citrus, you may also recognise it as the distinctive flavour in Earl Grey tea. In this candle blend the Bergamot is the perfect complement to the geranium essential oil to leave you feeling happy and balanced!

You can buy it here:


Last but not least, if your mum loves the scent of rose then our

Rose, Palmarosa & Rose Geranium

would make an excellent choice. A truly classic, beautiful scent, the three oils in this blend have fantastic mood balancing properties too. You can read more about this particular candle in "Ana goes Green" review here:

 and you can buy it here:



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Any other questions please feel free to ask, just drop us an email to: 


Warmest wishes,

Laura & Dominique


**("The Fragrant Mind" - Valerie Ann Warwood)